Sunday, 29 June 2014

Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry

"If you like Strawberry Milkshakes doo doo do and getting caught in the rain doo doo do..."  I don't know why but for some reason this just makes me thing of Rupert Holmes'-"Escape".

This stuff smells absolutely scrumptious! It is amazing and if you are the type of person who loves strawberries or pink things you will love this!
I know that it says Vanilla and Raspberry but it honestly smells like a very yummy sweet strawberry milkshake. Almost like you could taste it!

They're both fairly gentle products on the skin, not overly moisturising and not terribly drying. The scent of the shower gel doesn't linger for very long so I would go for the handwash if you would like the scent to linger. I just love the design of the packaging as well; it being true to form with the other Original Source products.

Just remember that it's not edible!

 Maisy XXX

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

You Gorgeous, Gorgeous Person You!

Start Your Day With Some Hoops & Yoyo...

Hope you have a great great day!

Maisy xxx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

It's not Just About Girls... /Love146

His Name Was David. from Love146 on Vimeo.

I chose this weeks Love146 video because I think that sometimes it is easy to associate and stereotype particular genders with particular sexual crimes and acts. For example causing the stereotype that it is only men selling girls for various trafficking reasons. In reality this is not the case, as females can also participate in trafficking children and males and young boys are also targeted by trafficking for the same reasons as young girls; but for some reason awareness of this seems to be limited in the general public. 

I remember watching a documentary, years ago, about street urchins AKA homeless children in a European country, (which unfortunately I have forgotten the name of), that told the story of young girls and boys who were targeted by older men and women and would often accept propositions of sex just so they could have a warm bed to sleep in for the night. When these young people were interviewed it could be seen that accepting an offer once, made them targets of unwanted harassment by these people propositioning them night after night and in some cases resulting in rape and abduction. Most of the children and teenagers interviewed about this were boys.

This is why I chose this video as I think it is great that they were so readily and willing to accommodate the needs of the young people requesting help, without discriminating against gender. Although to be honest I don't think that many organisations like this would actually discriminate against gender...

Anyway I think it is great that they are helping young boys as well. I haven't had the chance to do any extra research this week so if you, my lovely readers, know of any other wonderful organisations that fight against human trafficking, I would love to hear about them and check them out as well.

Till next time!

Maisy xxx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Doki Doki Manga // Mishounen Produce

It has been a long, long time since I can last remember reading a doki doki manga!

Last night I started to read a shojou manga by the title of Mishounen Produce written and drawn by Kaoru Ichinose. I may have "accidentally" read it in one sitting instead of actually sleeping... but I guess that means that it's not too long of a series, there's really only 18 chapters that make up the whole story.

The story is about a boy (Kousei) and a girl (Ka-ako), who have been best friends since they were young children. (It is made clear several times in the manga that they really didn't have much choice in this as they were the only two children living in their small country town.) Growing up in such isolation it's only natural that they bring their interesting and colourful personalities with them as they enter high school, (as boarders of course), only to be met with teasing and criticism on their first day. Ka-ako, a self-confessed lover of a shojou manga about a Prince called Lawrence, vows to show up their bullies by transforming/producing her best friend Kousei, a 'country bumpkin' with a wild side, into the most popular guy in school. She does this by modelling Kousei into the mold of Prince Lawrence including his princely charms and feminist ideals, only for it to start getting out of control when Kousei finds inspiration from other sources and starts creating more characters to play and appeal to more girls. The humour pursues as Ka-ako constantly tries to keep the reigns on an obviously out of control Kousei and his even more out of control increasing popularity.

This wasn't the best manga that I've read. The plot was predictable, (if you read lots shojou manga you soon learn that there are particular formulas and stories which get used and re-used quite a lot), the characters were pretty standard shojou and it felt like the manga abruptly ended in a spot where there was potential for the plot to really start developing some interesting story arcs. However despite that I really enjoyed the story, the characters and artwork. It's cute and the manga is chock full of doki doki scenes that will actually make your heart go doki doki~!

STUDY NOTE: For those unfamiliar with manga or the Japanese language: the term "doki doki" is Japanese onomatopoeia for one's heart beating. I guess in English it would kind of be similar to "ba-dump ba-dump" only with romantic connotations attached to it.

It has been such a long time since I last remember reading a manga that constantly had scenes and situations that make you smile or swoon, your heart beat or whatever it is you do or feel when you read a doki doki manga. For me it's like a tugging sensation somewhere deep in my gut and feelings of excited anticipation for what happens next or wondering how the main characters are going to respond.

I guess this is the kind of thing people refer to as a guilty pleasure/read? Something that's not particularly sensational or spectacular but still deliciously enjoyable!
If you have some time and would like to try something a little bit different give Mishounen Produce a try. If you google the title I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will lead you to it. *wink!

I'd love to know what your experiences with doki doki-like manga are, as I'm sure it's not just me who has experiences like this. If you have any recommendations for manga to read or would like to let me know what your favourite doki doki manga is leave a comment below.

Till next time!

Maisy xxx